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Fat Inflating Clyde About To Blow!
Cute little Clyde Donovan is in a snug, sticky, and slimy situation! Some anonymous super villain (Probably Coon) kidnapped him and decided to stuff a hose in his mouth, and inflate him with sludgy green ooze! The tank containing the ooze is a huge house sized aquarium, so there seems to be no end to Clyde's massive weight gain! His belly and moobs are becoming plump and rounded like balloons. And his butt, feet, and head are also rapidly bloating. All his normal clothes are off except for his underwear. Which you can't see as he has a balloon being squeezed between his feet! (That must feel nice.) =P The balloon is stretching tight, and fit to burst, just as Clyde himself is! :heart:
The villain is purposely mistaking Clyde's muffled shouts of "stop" for demands of more ooze! Turning the knobs, and making the ooze gush faster into Clyde's fat little face! Poor boy. x3

I love Clyde.

He's filling out nicely. Haha. ;)
Big Fat Inflating Tweek! by Inflationfan46
Big Fat Inflating Tweek!
More big and bouncy Tweek being inflated with helium once again. :lol:

He looks so cute when being inflated like a balloon.
He's only wearing underwear, and of course he is barefoot! :love:
His thunder thighs are wobbling and jiggling around like jell-o. His belly button has popped out from becoming so fat, so it's an outie.
Look at his cute little blush! He knows he's getting super big. ;)
I want to hug him.
Enjoy. :)
Uber Tweek Balloon
Tweek getting inflated in his belly button with helium from a huge full tank. Look how fat and bloated he is! He's so inflated that he's floating. Wow! :heart: He's wiggling his puffy cute inflated toes around at you. :)
I guess now it really is "Too much pressure!!" :XD:
Let's hope the underpants gnomes aren't lurking around, now isn't a good time for it!
Enjoy. ;)
As you all know I am a huge fan of male inflation art. HOWEVER. I'm only interested if it includes a character I LIKE. I can name a ton of characters I like. But that would be a lot of time to list and I'm just too darn lazy! ^^;
But yeah. For example: If I see a pic of an Adventure Time or South Park character such as Cartman or Kyle, then I will most likely LOVE it and be mesmerized! Depending on how it's drawn of course. However, if I see a pic of some character from shows or games that I don't know about (Or just have no interest in them) Then the pic/drawing will have no appeal to me. I won't click on any male inflation pic unless it involves a character I like, otherwise I'm just not interested in viewing. :B

You can also probably tell I just like the CUTE characters! (Well the ones that I think are cute).
That's just how I am! :)
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